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06-21-2015, 09:54 AM
AHHHH the things you encounter when driving.

this first one happened a couple of days ago.

I was on my way to work. The gas station I go to fill up before work (about 4 blocks from my home) is on a somewhat major road in my area. Now this road has older growth trees lining the road. As I am about to turn onto semi-major road I see a man casually leaning up against a treed. I then see him whip out his thing and begin taking a leak against a tree.. He finishes up, stuffs his "breakfast sausage" back in and walk away.

Now there are MANY cars passing this place AND young children about.

Second story happened tonight.

A major country concert tonight at the local world known football stadium.

I get a delivery to an office building a block from the stadium. The ticket indicates that I should call the number on the ticket when I get there so I have the number pre-dialed on my phone. This building has a row of hedges on either side of the front door. As I am pulling up to the building I notice a woman shimmying between the hedge and the building. She pops out of the end of the hedge. She is wearing what could be stereotyped as Daisy Duke shorts ---- unbuttoned AND unzipped (you should be able to guess what she was doing behind the bushes) . Again there are a LOT of people around. She just zips and buttons up without a care.

This type of behavior is acceptable WHEN and WHERE?????

Blue Ginger
06-21-2015, 01:22 PM
These are the kinda grown up results of the bad 'free range' parents that used to let their kid pee anywhere and everywhere.

I say 'kinda grown up' because a normal adult knows when it is and isn't acceptable to pee or shit in public.

I have seen parents allowing their kids to pee on the side of a market tent when the port-a-loos where less then 20 metres away. I thought the stall holder was going to punch the dad when they realised what was happening. I have also seen parents encourage a child to pee in a planter outside a major shopping centre. Especially bad when they had just walked out and there were toilets quite close to the doors.

Hell, I have even people full on going for it in broad daylight. Yep, that was fun pointing them out to a couple of coppers on horses. :angel: Best bit was them finally realising that there was a horse stand on either side of them and the coppers on the horses were not impressed. :roll:

06-26-2015, 03:46 PM
I haven't run into the public urination thing, but I've had my fair share of grossness in public on our bus system.

Mother and daughter at the bus stop decided the best way to pass the time until the bus arrived was to pop each other's pimples. It was raining buckets so unless I wanted to get soaked, I had to stay in the bus shelter and watch.

Smoking weed at the Transfer Center (outdoors, in Colorado, but you know using in public is still illegal...right?)

And of course the feet-on-seats on the bus itself. This aint your living room, sweetie.

Monterey Jack
06-27-2015, 03:13 AM
Mother and daughter at the bus stop decided the best way to pass the time until the bus arrived was to pop each other's pimples.

:eek: :cry: