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06-22-2015, 03:33 PM
putting this here, as i got the story 2nd hand after the fact from my co-worker/supervisor who handled it

we had a family in one of our deluxe cabins this weekend(really posh lil affairs... kitchenette (with full sized fridge, microwave, coffee pot, and toaster), full bathroom (with shower/tub), beds, AC/heat, and a gas grill with side burner and a fire ring outside). cabins check out by 11am, but we allow people a late checkout for a fee IF the site is unoccupied after them. if they DO need (or want) to vacate on time, they are still welcome to stay in the park and enjoy the facilities, just as long as they get out of the site/cabin and let us get in to clean it. this family had been nice the whole stay... i mostly dealt with the mom.

queue the dad, yesterday morning. i forget how my coworker (who also happens to be the office supervisor) said the conversation started, but at some point he asked when checkout was. he got the answer of 11am.

sucky dad (SD): oh that just won't work. i still have kids asleep
awesome coworker (AC): well, you'll have to go wake them up then.
SD: i'm GETTING a late checkout (didn't ask if he could have it. just said he was taking it... with a snotty tone. keep in mind, everything he said in this conversation was said with a very snotty tone)
AC: uhhm noooo you're not. i have someone coming in to that cabin this evening. we HAVE to get in to clean it
SD: they told me i could have late checkout! (the mythical "they")
AC: well, they were wrong. that site is booked. you have to vacate it
SD: i NEED to cook breakfast. where am i going to cook?
AC: (at this point she said she thought to herself "not my problem" but what she SAID was) we have a camping kitchen... 3 electric stove tops and 3 sinks. right over here behind the office
SD: no, i need fire. i'm GOING to go cook on the grill on (other site)
AC: noooo you're not. that site is also booked and just got cleaned
SD: well what can i do then?
AC: what you CAN do is buy a fire ring grate to cook on from the store, and go to a site i TELL you you can go to
SD: (i imagine he probably made catbutt face right here) can i pay a LOAN fee for a grate? (said super sarcastically)
AC: no sorry (sh*teating grin and fake sincerity in her voice on the "sorry") we don't have any to loan out, only the ones for sale in the store

he finally bought a grate, and as he was walking out, coworker hit him with an over-the-top cheerful "Thank you! have a GREAT day!" :lol:

the wife came back in much later to take care of a paperwork thing that she'd asked me about the previous day, and she was just as cheerful and happy as ever. lol

Food Lady
06-22-2015, 05:49 PM
It's my dream to have one of these conversations. Why didn't he know the checkout time beforehand? That's important info. Some people...

06-22-2015, 08:01 PM
I'm sure he knew...he just didn't want to comply. ;)

06-22-2015, 08:51 PM
Resistance is futile.

06-22-2015, 09:30 PM
*throws SC out of an airlock*

Resistaaaance....is uselessss....

Oh wait, I never got to read him any of my poetry...

06-23-2015, 03:22 AM
OK, I can sleep late with the best of 'em, but his kids are still asleep at 11 AM AND he hasn't made breakfast yet? It's nearly time for lunch, buddy!

06-24-2015, 08:51 AM
In a situation like that (SC telling you what he's going to do rather than asking), I'd be tempted to tell him that while the normal checkout time is 11:00, since the customer booking the cabin for the next day has already informed you that he WILL be getting an early check-in, his check-out time is 6:00 so you can get the cabin ready in time for the other customer's early check-in.:devil: