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06-23-2015, 03:41 AM
First Background!

So i really wanted to see TomorrowLand. Despite the apathy ive heard for people it looked potentially awesome, and it was pretty damn awesome. Love the commentary on popular culture and the effects and the characters and...... um... on words. so i went to the 10pm showing on 5 dollars movies all day day. After the movie i drove home on a mostly empty almost highway. When i got to the third turn i had to make to get home the light turned green before i could slow down more and i took my turn to wide, went in to the other lane (still heading in the right direction not going against traffic). a cop saw and pulled me over. Since i have clean record, am a girl, apologized profusely, and it was after midnight he just gave me a verbal warning. But he informed me the plates on my car (my moms car which i tend to drive while in town) was suspended for lack of insurance but he saw i had current insurance so to get it all fixed up we needed to go to the MVD and show them our insurance. Which we did.

Story- So we go to the MVD, wait and go up to the counter.

The lady just looks at our paperwork tells it isnt enough and we need to bring in proof there was no gap in coverage. My mom asks when the car's plates where suspended (cause the car it turns out is still in my brother name, but the insurance is my moms names so she was wondering if it was suspended when he dropped the insurance when she bought her own or if it was something else)

The lady says 'We just need to show there was no gap'
My mom tired rewording 'Well was the registration suspended when i got the insurance and my son dropped his or was it more recent' (she had just bought a new car to better handle cross state travel wanted to know if there had been a blimp when that happened)
The lady 'it doesn't matter we just need proof there wasn't a gap'
My mom 'was it suspended in 2012 and my son didn't know or was it more recent'
The lady 'we just need to see there was no gap'

my mom giving up on this 'Can my insurance fax in the proof'
The lady ' you can just go the office and bring it in'
My mom frustrated now 'I deal with them only on the phone, can i have them fax it in or should they email it'
The lady (sounding annoyed) 'fine yeah you can but you'll probably need to come in a few days after the fax it to make sure it was recieved'
My mom 'is the fax number on the paper telling us the information we need'
The lady 'no' not even looking at us or offering us the number
my mom '..... can i have the number'
The lady 'you should really just bring it in yourself' but starts writing the number
My mom watching her write the number ' is that in the XXX area code' cause there was no area code on the number she tried to hand her.
The lady (sounding very annoyed with us) 'yes' writes the are code then hands over number
My mom- 'one last thing, should i have my son send the proof of his coverage too or just mine. you know since i dont know when you want me to show when i had proof since'
The Lady- 'since you owned the car'
My mom- 'ok ill call my son, maybe have him sign the title over to me to avoid this in the fut-'
Lady stands up and walks away without another word.
my mom staring at the lady as she walks away. 'well then...... i guess we are done here'
Me- wow.... she is so lucky it was you she had to deal with. With me she would have been getting her supervisor after the second ignored question.
my mom- i just wanted to know if id been driving across the sate on suspended plates for the last 3 years!
Me 'i know, if she didn't have that available to her she could have just said so.