View Full Version : I Think I'm Funny

07-08-2015, 04:56 AM
I really do. And I might have been right this time.

The Shirts family went to Roast Beef Sandwich Restaurant for dinner on Independence Day. We were the only customers there--nobody else in the dining room or the drive-thru. We joked about that with the staff (who seemed to be enjoying a non-busy workday) and placed our order.

The cashier asked for my name so he could call for me when the food was ready, and I gave him my first name. Then I looked around and said, "You know, you could just yell, 'Hey, you! It's ready!' I think I'd know it was for me." He laughed; I laughed; he hesitated a moment before putting my actual name on the order. I was almost disappointed.

Unfortunately, at least four other groups came in and ordered food while ours was being prepared, so we didn't get to have any fun with the name thing.

Little Shirts rang the "great service" bell extra hard on the way out.

Food Lady
07-08-2015, 04:58 AM
There are times when I'm the only customer left in my store at night and they're making closing announcements. I tell them they should just say "We're closing. Food Lady, get your butt up to the register and check out." But they never do for some reason.