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07-08-2015, 09:24 AM
The WTF thread (http://www.customerssuck.com/board/showthread.php?t=110611) reminded me of this little gem from my time in the Army Reserves.

BG: State side, real world mission to transport munitions for the US government. Remember that the next time you see a military truck convoy. ;) These were Company size convoys too, 15-20 Simi-trucks (painted desert brown). Multiple Companies hauled over 10,000 tons in total during a 2 or 3 week period. I was with the Battalion that oversaw them (my job was unrelated to logistic and transport though).

BC: Battalion Commander
CSM: Command Sargent Major

Company "B" had decided they did not need those signs that said "Convoy Ahead" and would "never" use them. You know because they were too cool to follow the law (violating Federal Law, multiple States Law, and worse still ARMY LAW). :confused: :rolleyes: Yea, they never bought any.

Well the BC had to make sure they were legal to run, so he was forced to "permanently borrow" Company "A" signs (who were not running convoy missions) to keep the mission rolling (I suspect heads were also rolling at "B" when the BC got off the phone with their higher ups. :devil:). Thinking back now, I am wondering if Company "B" even had their "Explosives" signs. That would explain why the BC was so upset. Not having those would end many careers, very fast. *disclaimer: I do not know for sure if those were missing just a guess*

So he had new signs made to replace the old signs, but he wanted to keep them a surprise. (Surprise! the Army moved quickly on this one :rolleyes:) So I was told to sneak 5'X2' signs across an empty parking lot while the BC and the CSM kept lookout for Company "A"s Commander and Staff NCOs. I am told that the Commander was extremely surprised and grateful. He had expected the usual bureaucracy and "fighting to the death" and the standard "sacrificing the first born son", just to get them replaced. (you get into a lot of trouble it you try to sacrifice your second born son. NO paperwork clearly states FIRST born son, and be done in triplicate. :rolleyes:)

So all ends on a unusually happy note. Well, excluding the "death from above" that Company "B" got from their superiors :angel:.