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07-09-2015, 02:26 AM
This is not my story but one my Dad has told me about a few times.

My Dad knew a guard or worker at a chicken plant, at the time it was under a different name and was later bought out by Tyson.

The owner had a habit of stopping by the plant from time to time and walk around the assembly lines and watch the workers. He only did this maybe once a month and came in wearing regular clothes, the owner was an older guy too.

He came in one day and greeted the staff as usual and some of them knew who he was (the guard/worker guy) and everything went smoothly, until a new supervisor saw him and walked over and cussed him out telling him to "F@#$ off old man, get out" and repeated the old man remarks. The "old man" owner stared at him for a moment then casually told him to follow him to the managers station, they walked over and the owner called for the manager to come out. The manager stepped out of his office and the owner said "write the guy a check and pay him off for the day" the owner faced the supervisor and said "I'm the owner of this f#$%ing plant, we don't need your type around here. Get out." He then casually strolled down the lines again as the baffled, and embarrassed ex-supervisor was handed his papers.

I thought at first maybe the owner was rude for expecting the guy to know he was an owner but I quickly changed my mind when I heard the part of the employee cursing out a guy walking through the plant. This was years ago and he could of been much more business like instead of judging him right off the bat as a stranger walking around the place. Possible karma here?

07-09-2015, 08:57 AM
If the new supervisor had been smart he would have approached the unknown person and said (with a polite smile),
"Excuse me sir, this is a restricted area. For safety reasons, we only allow authorized people in here."

That would have probably earned him good, honest, brownie points with the owner for being observant (adding safety is a triple-word-score, good management loves safety :angel:).

Heck, that is what we are encouraged to do at my job if we see someone who does not have a badge or has a visitors badge but is not with a group.

07-09-2015, 10:46 AM
Yeah- especially as it sounds like the guy was fired more for swearing (and the general ageism) than for confronting the owner.

In general, incidentally, in situations like this, if the owner fired the guy for not knowing he was the owner, I'd say it was extremely sucky. If, however, it is a case of someone mouthing off, not realizing they are mouthing off to the owner? it's their own stupid fault.

07-09-2015, 08:11 PM
Whoops! If the sup wasn't rude, then I'm pretty sure he'd still have his job.