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07-16-2015, 10:36 AM
Tonight, Mum and I visited the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. It was much busier than usual and we were seated in an area that's rarely used. I noticed there was a creepy, obnoxious old twat on the table next to us giving the staff a bit of grief, before trying to start a conversation with anyone within earshot about being a couple of old prawns. There were a few awkward smiles but no one engaged.

Then he started talking to us. Mum gave him a few awkward words while I ignored him. He then told us that it looks like the staff are a little slow tonight, so he'd give them a hurry up. Mum mentioned it wasn't that slow, but sure enough, creepy old man started making a scene with the poor staff member that was unfortunate to come past next. They apologised and said they were short staffed tonight, and we embarrassingly acknowledged them and told them not to worry. I didn't say anything, but inside I was seething - how dare this old man interfere with our night and embarrass us like that. I didn't say anything because he was the sort that would've played the 'oh I'm just an old man' card, plus Mum would've have been too pleased if I'd arked up.

Anyway, creepy old man and his wife (who'd stopped paying attention to him and was on her phone) left, and we proceeded to continue our meal in relative peace...until dessert, when he first overheard the bimbos on a nearby table ask if there was a 1 person banquet option (lol), followed by another nearby table try to start a conversation with anyone within earshot about the steam from their garlic prawns.

I left the restaurant in search of a full moon :D

An Haddock
07-16-2015, 02:53 PM
I'd have called him out on his crap. Old or not.



07-16-2015, 04:50 PM
"We're enjoying our evening, if you're not you don't have to stay."

I hate when I'm seated near someone who's complaining. Especially because I can hear their stupid complaints and just want to yell at them. Like a while ago I was at a breakfast place, it's the kind where you order and they give you a number to set on your table. Once they bring your food, that's pretty much the end of your table service.

Anyways, I hear a woman at another table flag down a server and complain that her eggs were runny. I can't hear what the server says, but he brings out a cook. Cook says "you ordered eggs over-easy, right? Okay, that's how they come." And walks away. The women mutters some more (can hear the word "ridiculous") and leaves.