View Full Version : Grocery Store Manners

07-16-2015, 12:32 PM
My wife & I had a brief encounter with a woman at the grocery store the other night. We were walking out of an aisle and, as we started to step out we almost collided with the front of a grocery carriage of woman heading for the same aisle - our view of her & the carriage had been blocked by the end cap until the very last second.

My wife: Oh! Sorry! *hurries out of the way, I quickly & silently join her*

Bitter old witch: *in a condescending sarcastic tone and quite loudly* You're welcome!

Me, to my wife: *also sarcastic and quite loud* I didn't know it was a social convention to thank someone for not assaulting you with their grocery carriage. Who knew?

*Bitter old witch & I engage in a long stink-eye contest; she walked away first so I guess I win*

07-17-2015, 03:31 AM
Ugh, I hate people like that! They're the kind that sarcastically say things like, "Excuse you!"

Next time I hear that I'm going to say, "Oh, no problem." People who use that expression always believe they could not possibly be at fault.