View Full Version : The New Girl

05-02-2007, 05:04 PM
We have a somewhat new person working at BK named "K." She's been working for almost a month now and she's f*ing awsome. In the past we've had newbies that did little or no work and eventually quit or got fired.

But "K" is different. She started out in the kitchen like everyone is supposed to and on her first day she worked it like she'd been there a while. This is her first job. We were all really impressed. Now she works the front register and knows how to close the dining room.

Monday night I was in drive-thru by myself because at the time it was slow and the closing manager was getting our new porter situated with his paperwork and such. Unusual for a Monday night I got bumrushed in DT and tried to work it on my own.

"K," who had little or no customers took initiative and helped me bag food and some of the drinks. I honestly think she would have tried to take orders and money too if she knew how to do it all. I was really impressed and thanked her a million times. I was reminded that there are other people besides me at that store who take initiative. She makes me want to be the super-hard worker I once was who actually gave a shit once upon a time 2 years ago...

She even gave me a ride home after the store closed. I owe her big time.

If she quits before I do I'll cry.