View Full Version : Amazing waiter

07-26-2006, 05:16 PM
We went to Chevy's over in SE Portland last night for a bite to eat after hubby picked up his work vehicle from being repaired (another story unto itself). We went and sat ourselves in the bar, since it's faster to eat there than to wait for a table. We hadn't been there for about 2 years or so, since hubby moved over to my side of town. While he was living there though, we'd drop by occasionally.

The bartender actually remembered us. :eek: Granted, hubby drives a very unique work car (ya know the computer fix-it company that drives beetles around? Yeah, one of those guys), and he and his colleagues would have meetings there, and he'd also given the workstaff t-shirts, but still, I'd be hard up to remember a client I'd had 2 years ago.

So kudos, Mr. Bartender Guy, and that was a tasty margarita, even though I have to say that the ones down in Texas were better and stronger :)