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10-14-2015, 07:15 PM
ok, so NDA, non disclosure agreement for those following along at home..How exactly do they work when a person signs on to a reality t.v series. I know that said person has to sign one once they join the series, but my question is, is the NDA applicable during the series ENTIRE run or does it only apply while the episodes of a certain season are airing?

In other words, once the filming season is over & the episodes for that season have all aired, is the NDA no longer in effect? So said person could, if they wished to, could answer questions concerning things that did not air?

Reason I am needing to know is (and bear with me here, the background here will be lengthy sorry :( ), as ya'll well know, I'm a fan of Deadliest Catch & as such that is where my user name came from, though that was put into use while the Cornelia Marie was under Phil Harris.

Ok, so I am FB friends with alot of the captains, quite a few crew members of the various boats & a couple of the camera guys. One of said crew members is Travis Lofland, formerly a crew member of the Wizard & this past season served about the Cornelia Marie to help Josh Harris out, which turned into a complete disaster, even prompted Travis to make a comment about working on the 'joke of the fleet' on FB after a particularly disastrous episode aired, something that by the way, would have NEVER have been uttered while Phil was alive.

Basically, I am wanting to privately ask Travis whether the hot mess I saw was due to Discovery's use of creative editing & the situation was not as bad as it was made to look, or whether the situation was 10x worse than what was aired.

I don't want to get anyone in trouble, seeing's as I know these guys can be fined big bucks if the NDA is violated.

and yes I am aware that most 'reality t.v' is anything but, this is one show where I don't believe that applies.These guys are damn serious about what they do & I don't believe that ANY of these guys (Sig in particular) would go along with anything that even smelled faked (the Time Bandit I'm not sure about, Jonathan is a stand up guy, but Andy has turned into a raging asshole it seems IMHO)

Ok, I'm done now :o

10-14-2015, 07:40 PM
The not a lawyer answer is that it'll depend on the NDA. Some have embargo dates, not talking about x before y, or can be indefinate. I've seen redundancy offers including an NDA about the terms of the deal.

10-14-2015, 08:28 PM
Agreed with rvdammit. It depends entirely on how the NDA is written. They may be allowed to talk about previous seasons unaired footage, or they may not. The only thing I'd say is ask them if they're allowed to talk abouta given topic. If they say no, don't push.

And as someone who's signed a number of NDAs over the years, if the agreement doesn't explicitly state what is and isn't covered, for how long, and what the penalties are, seriously consider not signing, or have your own attorney go over it before you do. I had one that the end condition on the NDA wasn't stated and I simply refused to sign it.

10-14-2015, 08:42 PM
hmm, ok

actually, now that you mentioned not talking about x before y, I remember several years ago, Phil Harris had a fan website that a fellow fan & close personal friend of his was in charge of. During season 4 during a hurricane, the CM took a wave that slammed her 90 degrees & as a result, a blood clot that had formed in Phil's leg was dislodged, traveled through his heart & into his lungs, he started coughing up blood & was made to finally go in to get seen.

The point is, he called his friend, Bonnie who ran the site to tell her what was going on. Now, she never has been involved with the show in any capacity other than being a fan. She, due to her apparently having a NDA had to keep it under wraps until the episode aired, so the rest of us fans were blindsided by the whole thing. We understood of course, but if my memory serves correctly she was pretty much free to give us the lowdown on what went down after that episode aired (when he had his stroke & the aftermath of that obviously Disco. wasn't nor did they even try to keep THAT under wraps, 'course it was all over FB soo.)

I've noticed that the 2 camera guys I'm FB friends with have discussed things that weren't aired, but I'd rather have a for sure answer about the NDA before I go asking questions Travis may get into trouble for answering, especially since according to what little I've heard, word is that the guys on the CM were pretty much working for free & basically didn't make ANY money :no: No wonder the 3 guys jumped ship when they did (though Travis & Scott Hillstrand at least finished out the season)

Crossbow, sorry I was posting at the same time you were

Yeah I may just PM Travis & ask if he would care to/is allowed to elaborate on what EXACTLY went down, that way it gives him an out if he can't...does that sound ok?

10-14-2015, 09:15 PM
Ultimately, you can ask anything you want. You can't get someone in trouble by asking them a question. If answering the question would violate the NDA, it's their responsibility to decline to answer, or do so in a vague enough way that it does not violate it. They have a contract, you do not; it is their job to know the contract, not yours.

10-14-2015, 09:26 PM
that's true enough

I sent him a PM just now, here's the copy & paste

Hey Travis, I have a question to ask you if you're willing..I dunno if you can answer or not & if not, then it's cool. But I'm curious, this past season on DC, were the situations on the CM that were aired really & truly the unmitigated disaster I think they were or was Disco. using creative editing to make things seem worse than what they were? I remember you making a comment something about 'this is what it is to work on the joke of the fleet' Not slamming you for that mind you, as I suspect things were 10x worse than what we were shown. I know that anyone who is involved in the production has to sign a NDA but as I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on t.v LOL I'm not sure what that entails. So if you care to/are allowed to, can you elaborate? thanks dude..Peace out

He hasn't answered just yet, don't think he's online right at the moment..Though, I did some time back ask him if he was going to be on DC anymore or not since he told us he's no longer serving on the CM & he said he would not be on DC next season, so I guess in a way, the NDA would be moot right?

10-15-2015, 03:10 AM
well, for those who care, Travis was MORE than willing to elaborate & THIS was his answer

The boat was lucky to have not sunk from years of neglect, so they left out more mechanical than anything else, the deck was a war zone... So it was what it was.. As far as my comment.. The crab gear was a direct reflection of the harris boys and Phil's crew, last year was the first year that the gear has fished since Phil's passing and was in the condition left from unprofessional deckhands, complete hacks.. Well the story of us and the gear and josh yelling happened over two days, not instantly like it played... In short they cut out me yelling at josh that the gear was completed minus on the boat because he didn't bring pot tie material which I had called the day before.. In short he was yelling at us for not doing our jobs when in actuality he was the weakest link and the reason the gear was on the beach and so fucked up.. He forgets I know how much he actually knows lol!! Not talking shit i love the kid, but way to salty to get an ass chewing from a glorified greenhorn who's now a Cpt for tv...Hope that answered your question

so basically, Disco. makes use of creative editing yet again, the mechanical problems were likely left out simply because it was more like Disco. thinking " here we go again, something on the CM is broke yet AGAIN" which I don't blame them for that, same 'ol same 'ol there. Was kind of surprised to hear that Phil's deckhands (long before he died) would have let the gear get that neglected, I mean, I understand the gear not being fished since Phil's passing, but I guess I always thought Phil ran a tighter ship than that, not that I'm one of those crazy type fans who believed Phil to be the Second Coming. Sig wouldn't put up with that shit, that I DO know.

Travis just told me that he will be crabbing this winter, only it'll be for Dungeness crab in Oregon & he hopes to be running his own boat soon. I jokingly asked him if he'd have a camera crew aboard (figuring I'd get a HELL NO in response) his answer? stay tuned :roll:

10-15-2015, 07:41 AM
...he said he would not be on DC next season, so I guess in a way, the NDA would be moot right?
Depends on how it's worded. If there's a specific end date, and it does not specify that 'not being on the show anymore' is grounds for an exemption, then he should assume that it still DOES apply until he is informed otherwise, just to be safe.

10-15-2015, 08:39 AM
well, from what I have heard in the past, the first medical scare Phil had, his friend Bonnie said that she could not reveal that particular situation until the episode aired. After that, she was pretty much free to speak about with no repercussions.

So, the fact that the season in question has already aired & ended, I think he's ok. He didn't bring the NDA up nor was he really reluctant to talk about it. Hell, I'm the guy is probably elated that there's someone who is interested in hearing the truth from someone who was actually there & not just accepting the crap that Disco. edits for their own purpose as Gospel.

Like I said, I'd suspected that Disco. had spliced that particular part of the episode together to make it look like it all happened in one day & that the deck hands were standing around with their thumbs up their asses, all Travis did was confirm it (and trust me, there's been folks on one other DC forum that has suspected all along that Josh is simply a Capt. for the sake of the cameras)

It wasn't about laying down the law at all, it was about making good TeeVee. Josh is only on the boat for the crab season, funny how that just happens to be when there are cameras on board