View Full Version : Nice, friendly passengers

05-04-2007, 10:19 PM
It was the last sector of a long day and I was standing at the over-wing exits in my boarding position. I had an older gentleman in a suit, he had been travelling on business and he started chatting and asking how my day had been etc

Then a group of 3 lads came and sat down, they were really funny and polite and a real laugh during the flight and we chatted about my job. They saw I was doing the giftshop service and asked politely could they have a drink when I finished, they could see I was busy at the moment.

They were my only fun passengers all day! Why can't all passengers be like that?!

On a late flight back from Faro I had a group of older lads sat in the back, they had been on a holiday together and they looked a bit rough and ready and I thought they would just get drunk and be noisy. They were actually really pleasant and we had a fun flight which ended in a hyper too much coffee drunk Katie singing songs to them for most of the flight. At the end of the flight they told the Purser how lovely I was (being the only girl onboard) and said they had a a great flight.