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01-16-2016, 07:46 AM
Also a place to gauge interest in the Survival roll playing game of the same name.

You pick a character that would exist in reality, from the year 2016. Race, height, weight, sex, etc and background. Can be any job that exists in 2016. IT, Military, etc.

The characters wake aboard an alien space ship, from a cryogenic chamber (one of thousands). No memory of how they got aboard the ship. The Ships name is Last Hope.. 3 of the chambers are covered in blood, having been broken open by .. something. The computer informs them that they are in the year 2116, headed to 'New Earth' one year away.

Now because the ship was built by aliens, AND it is 100 years in the future access is limited on the ship. There is an armory and such, but you have to figure out the code to open the door. So at first nobody will have weapons, and 0 chance if they encounter whatever cracked open the 3 cryochambers. Characters tell me what task they are going to try to do. ((Access the computer, crack the weapons locker lock, plant food, harvest food, etc)) This causes them to be in a room. Each room..of which there is eight, is assigned a number (numbers remain the same throughout the game). A random roll is done by me. If a person (or people) are in the room number that I roll, they are killed by whatever is looking for food. At first there is no survivability chance. Even by ex military, weapons or armor is needed to have a chance (found in the weapons room)

The rooms are ; Bridge, Cryochamber, Biodome, Engine, Weapons room, Kitchen/dining, Medical Bay, and bunks.

01-16-2016, 10:01 AM
Erm, I kind of think that maybe you're overlooking something. "Tools" are another name for "weapons". Any kitchen that has means for preparing food is chock full of sharp, pointy things and heavy blunt objects. Ditto most tool boxes. It's also possible that characters will even be able to manage explosives (I know a couple of ways with common materials). Booby traps are a possibility. I think, for inventive players, the initial survival chance might be very low, but not quite zero.

01-16-2016, 07:21 PM
That is pretty much true, however here are some things to consider. Most explosives you can create from common household items are almost as dangerous to the person making them and friendly people. Also remember that the characters are not aware as to what or whom might have been responsible. Theoretically there is a chance that a trained military personnel might be able to fend whatever off, but it would also take luck. Everything will boil down to successes. Each task that is tried (even killing something that comes into the room the characters are in) has cumulative chances. 10%for each person who has training in an area (ie like combat specialist in a fight) +1% for each untrained person. So technically it is possible to slay whatever is hunting the crew down.. assuming there is only one of them...

01-16-2016, 08:02 PM
I'd be interested, but I'm mid move.