View Full Version : Wow?!? "Thank you, how considerate"

07-26-2006, 09:43 PM
Earlier today a family came in and the husband bought his wife a pair of earrings, she wasn't wearing any so she wore them out. I gave them a box for the earrings anyway, because she might need to put them away later.

She just stopped back in, and said, "I really don't need this box, save it for someone else, I just might end up throwing it away."
"I held the box in the receipt, so that I wouldn't get fingerprints or dirt on the box."

Me :eek: "Well thank you very much, how considerate of you"

I know its just a little earring box, but just the courtesy of that woman and general care for something that she could have just tossed if she didn't want it, it just makes you feel good.:D

Thanks again Mrs SC (spectacular customer) come back anytime:wave: