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05-28-2016, 07:44 PM
So my mother and I are visiting Nana for a bit since we are going to Phoenix Comic-Con next weekend and Nana is in Mesa. Also Aunt M is here for the weekend since she just retired and wanted to see her mom for a bit.

Side note: this means I get an air mattress between two desks, an armchair and a bookcase in an office which my mother, despite being in a room with a desk in it and having a laptop, will still insist on using Nana's desktop....

Since Nana is 89 and Papa died in 2003 and Aunt J in 2013 and dad last year (Nana wanted to update the family records) they had a 'is there something you want' conversation. They went around talking about some of the knick-knacks, art, pictures, and a few antiques. They got to the parlor and pointed to a painting on the wall and joked about taking that piece to Antiques Roadshow (it's a piece Zelma gave her as a wedding gift in 1944 of a desert scene of a native American woman working on something).

I laughed and said 'no if you took anything to Antiques roadshow what you would want to take is the secret stash of silver we uncovered last time'

Aunt M laughed and said but I thought mom sold all that years ago. So I go into Nana's room to were the box is stashed and realize suddenly as I move stuff from the box that only 3 people know this exists and they are me, Nana and Aunt K and Aunt K is almost blind and might have not been in the room when we stored it. So I decide to share the location so I'm not the silver girl.

I bring out the pieces and show them Nana's stash of silver (Nana was there having fun). Aunt M and mom are surprised by the pieces.

In the stash is silver and turquoise native made pieces from the 30s, 40s, and 50s, one with silver and petrified wood given to Nana in 1939ish, some native bead pieces and one more mass produced piece which is a bracelet that is detailed prickly pear cactus.

My aunt and mom where surprised and looked through the pieces. We can all tell based on the age, detail and size in the case of many of the pieces it's probably at least 2000 and most likely more. I go collect the piece Aunt K borrowed and return it all offer to show the hiding spot.

Night 1 of nana's

05-29-2016, 11:40 PM
Day two the double S (Uncle s and Aunt s) are in tow visiting their grandchildren, aunt s's mom and Nana. We go out for Mexican for lunch which is 15 minutes of eating and two hours of me and meimei sitting there bored listening to the older people talking about things and people we've never meet or knew as they left AZ in the 80s, died before I was born or when I was very very young.

They then went back to Nana's to continue the conversation, which I endured in the backroom alone as meimei kidnapped mom to go looking at apartments only to come back 45 minutes later to kidnap me for a test trip to mom's new school then ditch mom to see zootopia.

Too many old people. (Also my cousin and his girls showed up cause the Ss are his parents and meimei hate children with a passion akin to how some people feel about Nazis so she had to fast and took me with her.)