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05-29-2016, 06:08 PM
Been awhile since I updated on the babies . . . which are now getting quite big (except for Pasquinels' litter, and there is some sad news on that.)

We lost one of Pasqui's babies this past Wednesday in a freak accident when my brother was bringing in stuff from the car. The bigger one of the two gray kittens got right at the doorway and, because my brother's field of vision was blocked due to carrying in a bunch of heavy stuff, accidentally stepped on the kitten hard enough that it was basically crushed to death.:eek::cry: Poor little kitten died in Mom's lap not ten minutes later, so there was no time to get the carrier and get to an after hours vet.:(

The surviving three are doing well . . . they are eating solid food now (went to SmartPet and bought several cans of kitten formulated food) and they are also wanting to eat at the bigger plate w/the bigger kitties.:lol:

Another sad piece of news: Tinkerbelle is missing. A week ago last Tuesday, she snuck a mouse in the house, which my brother confiscated and took out to the front porch. She went outside after it and we haven't seen her since. Mom and I have been checking through the neighborhood, driving around the side roads and back behind the neighbors' where she sometimes roams, but no sign of her whatsoever. Even if she is in someone's house, she won't stay too long . . .she would have already gotten outside and she would have already been home to her litter (they are now almost 8 weeks and doing fine.) Gidget and Pasquinel have taken over as surrogates to the foursome (Hammer, Gigi, Inky and Idgy) and they still miss their Mom.

As for the six of Gidget's they are taking over the house. We have one in particular, whom I have named Zsa Zsa, who is trying to be so much like Gidget. She's trying to take over Mommy Goo's spot on the living room sofa.

And we have finally named the last 3 kittens: Applesauce and Zoey are the two yellow ones (Apples is the fuzzy one) and Rafael is the surviving gray one. I'll share some more pics later after I can get them uploaded to the computer from the phone (slightly different process since I switched to Android.)

But everyone is doing okay and also, Bubbles and Gary are starting to go outside during the day. They have adapted now and, if they had their druthers, would stay out all the time but we fell it better if they are inside when it gets dark out. And Bubbles has a girlfriend now. I'll post a pic of her soon as well.;)

05-29-2016, 08:15 PM
:( Praying that your kitty comes home safe. <3

:( Sorry about your lost little one. *hugs all affected lots* Prayers for that too. <3