View Full Version : I'll take a million $$

06-01-2016, 10:10 PM
Like many of you, I hear customers giving me the same old joke, when asked if there's anything I for them, "I could use a million dollars", or some variant thereof. It is such a common joke, that I came up with the perfect comeback, and it always catches the customer off guard, and if they've got a good sense of humor, it works.

So, I thought I'd share the comeback with all of you!

Usually, the conversation proceeds thusly:

customer: "I could use a million dollars, ha ha"

me: "Well, I saw that at the local card store, they're selling million dollar bills for 99 cents. I'll buy one and then email it to you, and there you go!"

06-02-2016, 02:06 AM
I always liked "Market price plus handling and taxes."