View Full Version : Ain't going nowhere

Chained to the counter
05-16-2007, 03:02 PM
I'm not getting my transfere anymore :cry: There was a big stuff up and they won't take me now.

I was supposed to start next week and i went to get my roster from them and they new nothing about it, apparantly they hadn't received the form from my work, so i went to talk to my boss and was told that she had faxed the form to them so either the fax didn't work or it's been lost.

I rang the front end manager at the other store and she told me she had been given more employees and she can't fit me into the budget anymore :pissed:

If i hadn't rung them i would never have been told and would have shown up for work on monday with them giving me weird looks.

The lack of communication really shits me!!