View Full Version : "We don't carry this", round 4635281

10-13-2017, 01:36 AM
Stuff I've been asked for this week:

--Bechamel. I know it's more traditional for lasagna, but I've never seen it sold pre-made (we probably could make it fresh, but the demand isn't there for it to be a regular thing). Custy wasn't very happy when I told her that we did carry the basic ingredients and she could go to any one of about 20 recipe websites. That makes the eighth request for it this week... :headscratch:

--French toast...WTF. I couldn't quite figure out what she meant, and answered that we have bread in our bakery (which does make awesome french toast), but she said "no, I saw that but I want French toast." Tried to ferret out if she actually meant French bread, but got nowhere. J couldn't even figure out exactly what she wanted.

--Kombucha. That's a first, honestly. I guess since SC thought since we sell kefir...

--Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Wrong grocery store, you want the giant chain one at the other end of the mall.

--Powdered milk. Same person asked for both the above things, and I suspect their SO sent them to the grocery store, they saw that we have groceries and are closer to the mall entrance, so... :shrug:

--Nutella. Our company doesn't deal with that company for various unknown reasons...but the gianduja we do have is far better.

--Various faux-Italian brands that even J hasn't heard of.

10-13-2017, 03:13 AM
...French TOAST?!? o_O Maybe frozen FT stix, but...eesh. Besides, many types of bread make for great FT/pain perdu once they're properly stale :angel: Maybe she was thinking (that much in and of itself could be a stretch) of Melba toast or something similar?

10-13-2017, 12:19 PM
Only other thing I can come up with is that she thought that "French" toast can only be made from French bread...

I even sent her over to the crackers to get her out of my hair and hope she'd suddenly find it (we do have melba-toast-type crackers)....but no. She actually found me later to whine (I really hate SCs that feel the need to track me down personally...you didn't accept my help/answer the first time, WTF am I supposed to do for you?).