View Full Version : This bodes well for the holidays....

11-09-2017, 11:42 PM
We were supposed to get two pallets of product--one is new, one had been OOS for awhile--on Monday night for staging Tuesday. The new product has a short selling time (chocolate Christmas things) so should be placed out for sale when the panettone are (just after Halloween/All Souls Day).

Those two pallets never showed (and are still MIA according to J) and the main warehouse also wound up sending us some American Barilla pasta (we carry almost no Barilla to begin with, and what we do have is exclusively Italian...why does the main warehouse even have this?!). I'm the only one who noticed the difference--package in English, wrong color, and ingredients from USA and Canada. When I found the case on Tuesday, I put a note on it and chucked it on the vendor return shelf. Apparently sometime on Wednesday it actually got put out for sale, as it was back in the warehouse--in a basket on one of the racks, no indication it wasn't to be put out--today. I found a box, bundled the pasta up and put it back on the returns shelf with another note--also took a photo and texted it to J so he knew what's going on with this.

On top of that, part of the most recent panettone order was screwed up. PO said chestnut, manifest said chestnut, but the actual product sent was chocolate (nothing against the chocolate panettone, but we're drowning in it and customers have been requesting chestnut). Even if you can't read Italian it should be reasonably clear from the case label...we had nothing chocolate on that particular PO so nothing with "cioccolato" should have been picked. Unless the errant cases were a return from another store and they were put back on the wrong rack.