View Full Version : How do you think we're contacting you?

11-18-2017, 07:53 AM
So bit o'background: I work for a university now, more specifically helping with the field placements for some of the healthcare students.

This particular student had been jerked around through no fault of his own in terms of a placement (long story short, the place we *were* going to send him to cancelled all places with us due to a severe outbreak of illness) and we'd been offered a place near the address he'd given us at the time as a result. However, as we hadn't seen him for a few weeks, we were unsure if he was still living there, so the coordinator for his course decided to contact him with my manager and I standing nearby.

She picks up the phone and gets through to him via his mobile number. She gets his address, then asks him if he'll be living there for the entire placement block (at this point I'm starting to giggle a little bit). The student apparently confirms this and a couple of other details. Then he must have asked if we needed his mobile number at which point she said something to the effect of "no, we're contacting you on this number," keeping herself very calm and polite.

She tells him that we'll email him the details for his placement (where he's going, what to do on his first day and the name of the person who would be coming out to mentor & assess him), hangs up and all three of us burst into laughter :roll:

(To his credit, this student did pass his placement)