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11-27-2017, 07:31 AM
I really can't label this a sucky incident, just one that made me facepalm. :doh:

Short version: student gets sent home from placement for safety reasons. Turns out that student had worked a nightshift (as an assistant in nursing*) then gone straight to the facility prepared to do her placement shift (which is a day shift, most of our placements are).

When CW called her up though to get her side of the story, the student admitted that she was planning on travelling 1.5 hours on the train straight after a nightshift...to tell her supervisor that she couldn't make it to her placement that day. :wtf:

Yeah...CW didn't buy that and laid into her pretty quick. It won't affect the outcome of her placement too much thankfully, but the student now has extra homework in the form of having to add onto her planned essay on what she learned during placement. :lol:

* - off the top of my head, these are typically people who are studying to be nurses and who want to get some practice in. I don't believe you need to be qualified to be one though.