View Full Version : THANKS to you techie people

05-20-2007, 01:28 AM
I created a HUGE ID10T error on my computer (don't even ask. I was a dumbass) and ended up clearing EVERYTHING off of my hard drive. Everything but Vista that is.

After a call to AOL to find out why it wouldn't reinstall, where I got great service, and a call to e-machines to find out how to reinstall my drivers (no I didn't make a back up disk. Remember, I am a dumbass) I ended up not being able to get them to install so I took it to my friendly neighborhood computer guy. Who managed to get them on there.

THEN I come home all excited to fuel my internet addiction, when AOL still wouldn't work. Said there wasn't enough memory.

Off to call E-machines again. I got what sounded to be a pretty new girl, who still did a WONDERFUL job. She walked me through a bunch of stuff and then told me to call AOL.

At AOL I got the most wonderful Tech guy who explained what happened, why it was doing it and how to fix it and all that sort of stuff.

So after talking to 2 different techs at E-machine, 3 techs at AOL and one computer guy in person, and spending about 3 hours on the phone, it's all fixed and I got the best customer service at all 3 places!

I shot an email to to all three places letting them know of the great service I recieved.