View Full Version : Just a Nice Lady!

07-28-2006, 04:00 AM
In a way, it's sad that I'm posting something like this, since this is the way we might expect, or at least hope that a customer would react to this situation.

I was covering "Returnland" as I call it for the assigned Cashier's morning ten. That's usually when the Sucky Return Customers show up. Not Today! This Senior Lady comes up to the counter with a pond filter and pump kit she had received as a Mother's Day gift, so, of course, no receipt. She was hoping to exchange it for one exactly like it, but all we had left was a kit that had more power than hers, and would have cost her additonal, plus the added power would have been too much, as it was, the pump she had was almost too powerful for her little fountain. The other option was same size pump alone. Only problem is, the new pump didn't have the wide grooves in the sides that the old one had to be able to slide it in the slot on the filter.

She, of course, was dissapointed, but took it in stride. She said, "Oh well, if you can just give me credit, I'll by another next Spring when you have a full stock again." The Garden Lead who had been helping us said he could check the other stores and see if they could send us one. She mentioned that she was going out of town for 25 days. She also was quite fine with receving a Store Credit (due to not having a receipt).

The point I'm trying to make is that many Customers would have at the very least been frustrated, "But I'm leaving town for 25 days! I need it fixed now! "and may have lashed out at me, or they may have gotten downright nasty. This Lady was sweet and patient, and was a pleasure to wait on.

That made my quick visit to Returnland quite enjoyable!