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01-01-2018, 05:46 PM
(That's a terrible title I know. Sue me.)

I have to say itís taken longer for me to post this than I thought it would but at my shiney new (still temp) job at Mineral computers, I had a call from someone who was at very best brain-farting and at worst, ďMentally diminishedĒ

DC: Dumb customer
Me: face-palming tech support

*Incoming call*

Me: Mineral support. Flea speaking. How can I help?

DC: Hi. Iíve had a Machine from Family support and itís got a problem.

Me: okay. Whatís the problem with it?

DC: Itís full of water and I canít get rid of the water.

So at this point Iím thinking ďGreat. Family support idiot has chucked his drink all over his computer and instead of calling Family support, like they are told to 55 million times in their paperwork, they have called us because weíre stupid enough to put stickers on the machines that say ďFor support call Mineral computers onÖĒ

Me: ...Right. Okay. What youíll need to do is call Family support and lodge an insurance claim with them.

DC: Oh. So you wonít help me?

Me: Thereís not a great deal I can do. Iíll log the case on our systems though, give you the case number to give to Family support though. That should speed things up a little.

DC: Fine. What information do you need?

Me: Iíll need the serial number. Do you know where to find that?

All Mineral serial numbers follow a set pattern. LAP- for laptops, PC- for PCs, TAB- for tablets and AIO- for all-in-ones.

DC: *Reads off a totally different serial number to what Iím expecting*

Me: Ah, right. No, Iíll need the one off the label that says ďMineral Serial numberĒ

DC: There isnít one of those

Me: ...okay. Whatís your postcode?

DC: *Gives postcode and address*

Me: *fills out the ticket as best as I can* right. Youíll need to dry the machine out as best you can while you wait for Family support to get back to you. The best way to do this is open the lid and leave it somewhere inside the house thatís out of the way to dry

DC: The kitchen should be okay, right?

Me: if you can put it somewhere else that would be better but the kitchen should be fine as long s your careful.

DC: Well, itís a bit big and heavy to move.

Me: Big and heavy? What brand is the machine?

DC: Hotpoint

Me: ...Sorry?

DC: Itís a Hotpoint.

Me: What kind of machine is it?

DC: *Reads off a model number* (I donít know what it was but itís a hotpoint so ďAquarius-SomethingĒ)

Me: Itís a washing machine??

DC: Well, yeah.

Me: Youíve come through to Mineral COMPUTERS support. You need to call Hotpoint.

DC: But this is the number I found on the internet for Family support problems.

Me: Yeah. For the computers.

DC: So you canít help me?

Me: I can give you the number for Hotpoint *is already googling this*

DC: Fuck this. Iím gonna be making a complaint to Family Support for this. This is the 3rd time this piece of junk has broken down. Iím never getting one of these again. *Hangs up*

Me: Thank you for calling Mineral support. If you need any further help, please donít hesitate to call someone else.

Manager who sits behind me: *chuckles* Flea, Be good!

01-08-2018, 10:20 PM
OMG. You know, I thought it was a stove because I know they make those, but really? I would like to think most people aren't this stupid, but I worked in a call center for years, so...yeah.

Also, if it's a washing machine that's full of water, uh, did they try draining it? Hoses, buckets, whatever it takes. Geeze.

01-09-2018, 01:42 AM
This sounds like serious fail at the company offices. If they were following a sticker on his appliance, then the company is simply directing people to the wrong number. If they Googled it, the company needs to check on what comes back from Googling them, and how it's labeled.