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02-19-2018, 07:43 AM
So the first crop o'students this year in one of our courses started their field placements today. Like most education providers, we have a uniform for our students, although ours is basically white button-up shirt or polo shirt (recommendation being that the more bustier women aim for the polo shirt!), black/navy pants or skirt and black/navy closed-in shoes (think school lace-up style)

They'd had ample time in our simulation lab where they had to be in uniform as well, partially so we could check to ensure that it was correct and partially to drill in the mindset of "When you work/are on placement, you need to be clean and tidy, here's how etc." MOST of the students were fine (and the ones that weren't did at least show up once or twice with the proper gear) including the student I'm about to mention below.

One of my CW's took a call today from one of our mentors (who had accompanied a group of students today for their orientation) and burst out laughing mid-call. When she hung up, she informed me (in between laughs) that one of the students had rocked up to placement in a football jersey...with hot pink numbers on the back and hot pink lettering on the front. She was laughing so hard because her first instinct was to ask the mentor what team she supported! Thankfully the mentor has dealt with this sort of thing before and told her where she could get an appropriate shirt. He also was thankfully NOT having to give her feedback that day!

Thankfully, that's been the worst instance so far.