View Full Version : You did read the background material right?

06-18-2018, 10:28 AM
So one of our conversion courses recently started their field placement blocks. Part of our duty of care requires that we visit the facility and regularly liaise with them over emails to make sure that everything's OK and to sort out any issues that crop up.

Well, between the last time we used this facility and now, there was a change in management (which is creating just as much of a headache for me, but that's another story). We usually email the facility in advance so they know the students are coming and also when our mentors are coming. All of the facilities are given some background in the program and we visit them every couple of years.

Come today and the poor student turns up to the facility...only for the manager there (who was running the orientation) to assume that the student was doing their field placement in a far lower-skilled role than what they (and the medical board deemed them to be) were qualified in. That got sorted out after a couple of hours, except it took Super Manager having to go above their manager's head to get it sorted out.

Surely when the change in management occurred, you would've briefed yourself on the program! >.>