View Full Version : 600$.... gaaah.

06-25-2018, 08:46 AM
Had a man call in today who was polite for the GS crowd of people who wanted to know if he could return an HTC Vive he had purchased through our website at the store or had to return it online. Store policy says that new consoles (of which VR headsets are categorized as) have to be returned via the website if they're over 100$. So I explain to him this, after double checking with my manager. The man then states that he opened and tested it, and that it doesn't work with his son's computer because the specs are off. (though he claims the VR's specs are off, which... is not a thing that I am aware of). I tell him since he bought it new, once it's open, I don't think they'll take it back, and he goes "But it was 600 Dollars!!"

Obviously, I can't tell him what both my manager and I were thinking which is "if you were gonna spend 600$, shouldn't you make damn sure it works with what you're buying it for before you get it?" The Vive has exact specifications listed on the site...

He was polite-ish the whole time, though obviously stressed, but I just get frustrated when people don't do research on expensive objects.

06-25-2018, 10:41 AM
Thing is, tech has so many variables that many things that should work on paper just won't in reality. So long as it's returned in as-new condition, there should be no reason that hardware can't be refunded; software's a different matter, but even that's possible if you buy on Steam, GOG, etc.

06-26-2018, 05:15 AM
Once marketing and sales get ahold of a product then specs are usually over-blown and flat-out lies are added. Learned that the hard way after having bought a full version of SCO-UNIX that was purposely sold with an error that prevented printing but you could buy a fix. Bit the bullet on that an switched to Red-Hat Linux. We later learned that their sales folks were behind that and they lost a lot of customers.

06-29-2018, 02:59 AM
My nephew, 11, is big into science and math stuff. His last birthday saw me standing in a store that caters to kids who like that sort of thing, looking at a kit that would let him build a programmable robot. It worked with [Electronic gizmo A], [Electronic gizmo B], and [Electronic gizmo C].

So there I am, frantically texting my brother (in the middle of his workday, no less) saying "Do you have any of these at home???" :lol:

And this was worth a damn sight less than $600.

Turned out they had at least two of the gizmos at home, so nephew got the kit. I'm hoping to see a video of the finished robot (he's got a YouTube channel ...)