View Full Version : Brain Misfire at the ATM

07-10-2018, 07:59 PM
<BACKGROUND> The front vestibule of the lobby, where out ATM is located, has a mechanical lock on it that can be opened with the customer's ATM card. The door doesn't always latch properly when the customer leaves, so we've got a sign up advising the customer to make sure the door closes when they leave. </BACKGROUND>

I heard a banging at the front lobby door and went out to check. A customer was standing outside the door, opening and closing the door.

Me: Are you having trouble with the door?
C: I can't get it to stay closed.
Me: It doesn't lock during the day.
C: Oh! That's right - it's not the weekend.
Me: *stifles laughter*

After he leaves, I walked back into the lobby laughing my ass off (there were no other customers around). He was trying to do the right thing, but apparently it didn't register in his mind that we were open, so the doors were unlocked.