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10-11-2018, 04:27 AM
We are down to only three hourlies in my department. Soon to be down a manager as my hero J is leaving on Friday...still up in the air who's replacing him. The AM that nobody likes (S) is gonna be interim for awhile which should be fun :rolleyes:

The only two people who busted tail as much as I did (A and R) got into it last Friday and both were fired on Monday.

All I saw at the time it happened was that A got loud and started swearing, R left the floor to get a manager and when he returned with S, A then shoved R into the stock cart I was working with a newbie (Y) and almost sending both of us into a shelf full of glass.

Y and myself went to HR later that day and told him what had happened, and that A was the aggressor from what we saw.

I didn't get the details until Sunday from R (he came in as scheduled, clocked in and only then did S tell him that since there was an investigation he could not be at work). It all started when A saw a homeless guy passed out in the men's room, came back and started cracking jokes about it. R took offense at this and A started needling him further and dropping f-bombs, at which time R left and got S. When they returned to the floor, A got belligerent and shoved R into the cart.

Both A and R were fired for a policy violation of no fighting on the floor....which I can see, but I really thought they would take witnesses into account. A could be a jerk (with anger issues), but he was a decent worker. R was an all-around good kid who didn't deserve what he got....especially since four of us including my buddy in security had given statements.

10-11-2018, 01:40 PM
..especially since four of us including my buddy in security had given statements. The store wasn't looking for evidence; they were looking to reduce headcount and saw an opportunity to do so with no repercussions v_v

10-11-2018, 09:45 PM
I think there was something else going on with both of them; R had told me that J had it in for him for declining to work an optional inventory shift (I know that J knew he couldn't require nonmanagers to work that night) but J had referred R, and it was known that S didn't like R because he had legitimately challenged her a few times.

We did hire two more day-shift and two overnight stockers...the dynamics of the day shift has changed quite a bit (almost entirely female). That may prove to be a good thing as none of us are into rap, MMA or whatever R, A, C and TW were wasting their time with.