View Full Version : Is There Such Thing as Good Overtime?

07-28-2006, 11:43 PM
The company I work for is a famous food company that serves food at many places such as the racetrack I work at, Giants Stadium, many colleges and universities. Well, they also serve food and drink at PNC Arts Center. Huge place for concerts and such. Every now and then they ask us to send some people over to the Arts Center cause they need help. Well tomorrow, the 29th, they need people. It's time and a half (yay, a whole $60) but the tips are AWESOME! My one coworker said that her and some other girl made over $200 in tips at the last one she did. I called my mom and told her I was going to do it. She called back five minutes later to tell me who is going to playing there tomorrow night. CHICAGO!!! I'm getting paid to be at a Chicago concert! Sweet! I'm not a huge Chicago fan, but if I'm getting paid to work at a concert, Chicago is awesome. Better than some pop crap or country. There's also going to be Huey Lewis & The News playing too. So, even though the pay still kinda sucks, the tips will be awesome and so will the music. Finally, work I'm looking foward to! Sadly enough, it's right after a 9:30-4:15 shift at my track gig. I have to be at the Arts Center by 5 till 11ish. What a day.