View Full Version : Dodging the issue ...

11-05-2018, 02:19 AM
I opted not to put this in 'Sucky Customers' because we never even approached the customer about it ...

Because our stock includes large pieces of wood and boxes of heavy tiles and whatnot, we have these large wheeled flats that customers can use to haul stuff out (along with standard shopping carts).

I was in Lumber (a/k/a Zombieland :lol:) a week or so ago and spotted a young girl standing on one of these things. She was holding onto the handle which the shopper uses to push the thing, and it was NOT moving, but ...

I went over to a coworker and said quietly, "Should we ask her to get off that?" We'd had to sit through various videos about staff and customer safety, and we were told never to just ignore a situation.

Coworker: *looks over* "Her mother's right there. If we go over and tell the kid to get off, mommy will tell us to mind our own damn business."

Given what I've seen on this site ... he was probably right.

I don't know if mom overheard us, but a few minutes later I looked over and the girl had gotten off the cart.