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07-29-2006, 12:19 AM
Ok, so we all complain about the idiot co-workers we have. What about the ones we truly, genuinely enjoy?

I have a couple.

1. A bagger affectionately known as his last name. We'll call him "P" on here. He's gotta be in his 60's. Doesn't drive because he never learned how (he was quite blind until recent eye surgery, and still can't see well), and is quite possibly the most insane person I've ever met. I don't know what work would be like without him. He's so much fun - we pick on him ALL the time. Why? He asks for 95% of it (we give him the other 5% out of the kindness of our hearts haha). He LOVES being picked on. The other day, in fact, I tried to "sell" him to a moving van guy....to take him to Zimbabwe. He got a kick out of that. He's an overall nice guy, and the customers and employees alike LOVE him.

2. A quasi-manager (he's called a customer service team leader, for those of you who work with the "public"). We'll call him "M". He's also a sweetheart. He's 23 - really young, and tons of fun. We poke fun at the customers, and gripe about our stinky and lazy coworkers. He's a DJ at a local club 1 night a week, and tells us about all his crazy stories. He's always there to help, and is so much fun.

Who do you absolutely ADORE working with?

07-29-2006, 07:34 AM
i love working with james and kyle. they are super easy to get along with, know if i am in a groove they let me go with it. they always ask " is there something i can help you with?" they are really nice guys. kyle always has a hug ready if ya need one and james has the best smelling cologne evah.

amber is just amazing. she is fast, smart, and makes me feel good about myself.

dharmaja is a good person. knows when i need to get into my cleaning mode and lets me go with it. she is always concerned with how people are feeling. she has the cutest daughter ever. we are good friends.

ellie is my sarcastic/sick side. if i have something weird i am thinking about or some dirty joke i go to her.

kat is my hello kitty loving punk rock girl. works her butt off and tells it like it is.

doug is wonderful. like a happy bouncy puppy. always rocks to work with him.

jamee is so full of energy and love. full of sunshine. beautiful too. i think she is actually gonna try out for america's next top model.

Mixed Bag
07-30-2006, 02:24 AM
I had a coworker who knew lots of Monty Python quotes, like I did--it's amazing how often opportunities come up to use them, no matter the situation. Glad to see this makes five--I mean three--posts to this thread.

Think Blue
07-30-2006, 06:24 AM
I have 2 favorite workers. My first would have to be one of our summer interns. Her name is kelly and she is one of the hardest worker we have ever had.

She does anything and everything that is asked of her and she has actually made the women that work in the office jealous of her(because of looks) and they have been making up lies about her attitude and her work.:mad:

Next would have to be my friend Al(the one from the you hire terrorists story)He is the nicest person in the world.

You could berate him for hours and he'd still be nice to you. He works hard, always is happy to volunteer for projects and would give you the shirt off his back if you wanted it. Also he loves baseball like I do, so it's fun to go to games with him.

07-30-2006, 03:08 PM
After a lot of staff changes, I am now the most senior member of the Customer Service department at my company. It's just me and one other person, hired two months ago, against the world (along with a temp who is an idiot - thank Og he's leaving in two weeks).
The newb - call her C - is brilliant. She is bright, thoughtful, warm, astute, caring, playful, supermodel-beautiful, generous and insightful. She's also extremely well-connected (she knows the Sutherland family - as in Keifer; the Parasucos, and others among the most wealthy and powerful families in this fair city), and she invites me to their parties.
She works hard, is quick to learn, and is bubbly and easygoing. Bless her, she's a jewel!

I hope everyone gets to have at least one co-worker like her, in their career.

07-31-2006, 02:05 PM
Most people at my work place are nice. Actually, no. ALL people at my work place are nice (I just don't get to talk to all of them often). Since I'm shy and quiet by default and mess up a lot, they're totally cool about it. H, who I work with every week, just got promoted to a manager of sorts, to replace our other one who left who, by the way, was the BEST manager EVER. Seriously. He was the funniest guy evaaar. He got a stick once and started randomly poking employees, saying "work, monkeys!" in this weird voice. Made us laugh very hard. He also hire dme even though I was five minutes late to the interview. ^_^;

Discourtesy Clerk
08-01-2006, 02:29 AM
Most of my co-workers I would rather not have as co-workers (it's this town, I swear to god 99% of its population are assholes), but there are a few of them who make it bearable, and occasionally fun.

One is a superior of mine, I'm not sure how much higher than me she is, she's a checker, but has authority of some sort... Anyway, she's really entertaining to work with. Very opinionated and sarcastic. Exactly my kind of person. :D We always make fun of the SCs and the bosses. There was this recent joke involving a shock collar and the store manager... :roll:
"Every time she opens her mouth, just...*bzzzt*..."

Another checker, the one I gravitated to when I first started the job, would be best described as a mid-forties biker chick. She is very loud, very energetic, slightly immature (but in a good way), and...never shuts up. :rolleyes: But she's really nice, and unlike most of the freaks I work with, doesn't get pissed off at every little thing (I appreciate that). I especially love doing closing shifts with her on register, because I can't get bored. :lol:

There are a few other checkers and CCs that are relatively pleasant to work with, and more that aren't, but any more details of their "unique personalities" may endanger my anonymity.

Although, the shock collar joke is getting slightly famous now.

Costume Loser
08-04-2006, 10:25 PM
Where I work, I have two managers. One I only get to see every so often, because he runs our other store, but he's so cool. He's very, very friendly, which is a break from mot fo the others I work with, and helps us when we need it and doesn't complain. I think he used to be a professional salesman, so whenever he's manning the customers, he always has them talking and enjoying themselves.

There's also the seamstress, and I think english isn't her first language, but speaks in such a nice way. She's so polite, and whenever she's out on the floor with someone, which isn't too often, she always manages to make them laugh and have a good time.

08-05-2006, 06:24 PM
I've got to applaud my team lead here. She's coping with about six people who are just barely out of training and is wonderfully patient with all of us. She frequently goes well out of her way to answer a question in great detail to make sure the asker fully understands the answer.

I'm especially impressed by her timing in one instance. I'm in insurance eligibility (basically, the provider or subscriber calls someone like me to find out what's covered, how much the patient has left of annual maximum, etc.). We have one group in which adults have one set of coverage, children under 19 have a different set of coverage (you look up theirs under a different group number). Team lead e-mails out a "pop quiz" to the team regarding this group. Takes me two tries to get it right (I had forgotten on the first try to consult the notes for info about unusual aspects to the group). I had not yet gotten a call about said group. Within a working day of that quiz, I got three. Her timing was beautiful, IMO. :D

08-20-2006, 05:21 AM
For the most part, everyone I work with is fantastic. You can joke around and pull pranks on eachother and simply have a great time. We all look at the schedule to see when WTF lady isn't there and know that we can get our jobs done and do it with a smile on our faces. I can only hope that they say the same about me.

09-10-2006, 05:14 AM
I've got a few good people I work with.

There's K, who is older than most of the department, he is a nice guy, people respect him, and he always makes jokes about customers and tells some great stories. He was working my graduation, he saw me and gave me a thumbs up. ;)

Z, another older person who is very cool. He gave me tips on how to go through college and survive my final year of high school. He works hard and he will always lend an ear when needed.

There's these two twins, one's a supervisor and the other is an employee. They get along with everybody, except for other supervisors just because they do things the way they see it. They are easygoing, relaxed, and they always help out.

There was J, who everyone loved. He didn't yell at anyone (He was a supervisor) he was willing to show you how to do something and he gave advice to everyone when needed.

There's J 2; a supervisor. At first glance he may seem anti-social but he's cool, laid back and is not spineless. He once went out and bought food for us one time, and when I was working VIP, nobody was going in. What does he do? He grabs the sign and starts shaking it just to get the customer's attention. It works, he walks off saying that sometimes being blunt just works on the idiots we get.

Finally, there's S. A supervisor that no one dares disrespect. He is a great man, some new people actually think that he's in charge of our department (He should be, he knows what he's doing.) He can become very creative when it comes to parking cars, there is always a method that he can come up with on the spot. Other supervisors don't dare disrespect him at all, that's proof to his status.

09-20-2006, 12:29 PM
My favorite coworker would have to be Don. I got in a car accident one day, and had to work the next day. The next day I go in with bandages on my chin (I had an abrasion - I hit the air bag - it was nasty to look at but really not all that bad). Anyway, so I repeatedly tell the story over to several employees and customers throughout the day. Don hears about it while I'm checking out a customer. He hangs around for a while and when the next customer asked what happened to my chin, Don goes, "She got hit by a two-by-four" which is strange and I just start cracking up. He made up other things about what happened to my chin but I don't remember. I just know that they were funny and that I was laughing and actually having fun for a while.

09-29-2006, 03:18 AM
My favorite co-worker is one of my managers. She's the one who really sees us as people and not as little worker-bots. She really had my back a few years ago when I got chewed out by the District Manager (I'll have to post that tale sometime). She's always simpathetic about illness and personal problems, and is one of those people who remember and ask you later how things are going with that. Also, we have this program where we can "check out" books from the store to read, so we can keep up on our product knowledge without having to buy books all the time. This one time I brought her this graphic novel I wanted to check out (Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer, if anyone knows it) and she had this signed copy that the store had gotten for free from some manager conference, and she just told me I could have it. She lives near me and happened to be behind me a few months ago when my car broke down on my way home (at 11pm Yuck!) and stopped to help. She's just totally awesome, I can't possibly praise her enough. She's probably a good 50% of the reason I'm still working there.

09-29-2006, 06:26 AM
Hmmm....I like almost all of my co-workers in the back with me....

So- my evil plans for corrupting her are succeeding! She pointed out to me yesterday a dog that she thought looked like Mr. Hanky :devil:

O- Happy fun pharmacist

J- Please, stay at our store, because we don't want M to come back...:devil: And we all like you a lot

S- together, our super powers come together and we turn into Jr High males! Muahahahahaha!

F- You are a goofball, and I love you :)

D- Too much fun for words :)