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01-07-2019, 05:20 AM
Is how I spent my shift tonight at work because of a call off. I could've put this in Cursing out Coworkers but it's not really about them. There are legitimate reasons (quit, sick, funerals) for the absences. I'm not even sure this is a complaint as much as just frustrated venting. Because can I really complain that I don't have a reason for calling off?

We're already shorthanded from cutbacks on hours and two of the three people recently hired have quit. The third has health problems that keep him out. One girl has had not one but two funerals in the last month. And then there were just assorted illnesses.

Being too reliable is my problem and again is that something to be mad about? After the two shifts I've had this weekend where I had to cover photo and the front end I'm tired. I know the manager I worked with tonight appreciated it and the store manager might but I won't hear anything about it. I guess that's something my coworkers and I have in common the lack of appreciation for what we do.

Ahh, now I feel like I'm getting whiny. I have two days off that I'm going to enjoy.

01-08-2019, 06:26 PM
My sympathies, Trixie. We seem to have the same problem where I work: callouts due to illness (appear to be genuine; some 'bug' seems to be going around) added to many quits (and more are in the offing, from what I hear) means serious understaffing when we can least afford it.

For some reason the company seems to have a severe allergy about sending people home early, so of course they won't risk scheduling maybe TWO cashiers instead of one ... thus, when the one cashier they have scheduled calls out sick ... and it gets busy ... pandemonium ensues.

01-09-2019, 04:34 PM
Yeah, it's really frustrating. Especially when the job or management doesn't deserve my loyalty. The manager texted me yesterday asking if I'd switch shifts and while I hate the evening shift it is an extra hour. I'll have two extra hours even if it doesn't give me overtime. I mean I can be there but not actually work. :rolleyes: I mean unless I actually have to.

01-10-2019, 06:52 AM
Don't feel guilty. It's stressful as hell to have to pick up somebody's slack, even when they have a legit reason for being out.

I used to find it very frustrating to come in to work sick, and just about the time I decided I would leave early, someone else would announce they were going home sick, leaving us short-handed, not to mention it looks pretty odd if I also tell management that I'm going home sick.

01-10-2019, 04:27 PM
Especially when that shift comes at the end of a 7 day stretch. At least I did get a thank you from the store manager and the assistant manager. Nice to see they're showing some appreciation. Yup, it's about time I put in for my post-holiday vacation.