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01-09-2019, 09:37 AM
So Iíve got a cat... in fact I have three but this story is about one of them in particular. She like most cats likes to sleep on fresh laundry and places other then the cat bed. Places like my old duffel bag full of miscellaneous riding gear. Itís a big bag. And Iím lazy so I rarely do it up all the way anyway. Since it usually sits on top of my bookshelf itís would be safe to assume itís out of cat reach.

Apparently not.

At some point she crawled in there and went for a nap. Which would be fine if she didnít sleep like the dead. You can pick her up when sheís sleeping and she doesnít even notice. So I grabbed my bag and headed to my first job at the grocery store, storing it in the cash office because itís too big for the upstairs lockers and I donít leave my really expensive gear in my car where the locks havenít worked in years.

So all goes fine until you hear a ďwtf?Ē from the cash office. Guess who woke up from her nap and decided to explore her surroundings?

At least sheís well behaved and too lazy (sheís an old lazy by now) to do more then lay there, with paws daintily crossed one over the other like sheís damn royalty or something.

I was floating so I checked in to see what the hell was happening only to see my way to proud of herself cat preening at the attention she was getting.

I didnít get in trouble since she never left the cash office or made a... mess anywhere. We left her there for the duration of my shift and she got bathroom breaks on everyoneís break. (Something Iím sure was just an excuse for cuddles). Sheís well trained and will actually heel like a dog (and sit, beg, rollover, fetch (though wether she will bring things all the way back is another matter) and her favourite, lay there and be petted). Needless to say she has a fan club now (which is disturbing in its own right) but far preferable to losing my job so....

Needless to say I shall check all bags and dark corners for spare cats before leaving the house from now on.

Though Iím sure the cat burglar/catnapped incident will never be forgotten

01-09-2019, 02:12 PM
So basically, you had a 'Take your (fur) daughter to work day'.
You realize, of course, that there will be questions of when can you bring her royal fuzzyness back in, as well as the cat trying to figure new ways to travel to this wonderful place where she gets all the pettins.

Let's just hope the other two don't figure out the trick either.

01-10-2019, 02:04 AM
That's hilarious, so glad it worked out well!

01-13-2019, 11:25 PM
Totally agree with Buzzard: she will now be plotting to go back!

I had something similar happen once, although the cat in question didn't go anywhere ... what he did was get locked in the linen closet for eight hours (he was snoozing under the lowest shelf, I didn't realize he was there and slammed the door shut on my way to work).

His Royalness was most offended when I finally got home and let him out. He stalked down the hallway with his tail pointed stiffly towards the North Star, while I scurried after him, apologizing profusely.

Nunavut Pants
01-14-2019, 02:52 AM
Our Rapsie got trapped in the coat closet last week. She wandered in when my wife got her coat to go to work, and was in there until she got back to put her coat away in the evening.

Rapsie was a good little kitten, she didn't use any of the closet as a litterbox!

She didn't really learn her lesson, though, as she still wants to get in there any time we open the door...

01-15-2019, 02:56 PM
Yes, ours get stuck in the basement from time to time. Why do I have the sense that kitty will keep sleeping there to get out of the house?

01-15-2019, 06:03 PM
When I lived at home, with Boris the Stupid aka king of the castle, he wasn't too bright. we didn't have a true 3rd floor attic, but on the second floor, we had, on either side, under the eaves storage. i swear if you went ANYWHERE near either door, that cat would come from wherever he was, and sit and cry until you let him in. which was fine, but every now and then he'd get shut in.

And all you could hear was the faint, pathetic crying. and yup, he got shut in the attic again.