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02-27-2019, 09:39 PM
Any suggestions for dealing with an obnoxious bully at work? A woman who thinks the world revolves around her and hypocritically displays behavior she claims she canít stand in others. Sheís not bullying me, but Iím stuck in the same room watching this crap happen. Iím just tired of dealing with her attitude.

02-27-2019, 10:36 PM
Here are the top three rules for dealing with problems at work
1. Document
2. Document
3. Document

Track the date, time, location, people involved and what was said or done. Once you have your evidence, you can take it to your boss or HR.

Before you attempt to take a video of a confrontation, check your local laws. Many states have laws that prohibit recording someone without thier consent. You could get fired.

02-28-2019, 02:30 AM
Iíve tried documenting, hell, my higher ups have witnessed her behavior first hand. They just refuse to stand up to her or show any authority. This is a woman old enough to be my mother, bullying someone about things she does herself! My supervisors are so sick of the situation, weíre not allowed to report her anymore. Itís not so much that Iím trying to stick up for my coworker, itís thats itís gotten so old and fricking annoying that I have to witness this passive aggressive nonsense.

Maybe I just needed to vent. :deadhorse:

02-28-2019, 04:30 AM
Talk to the person being bullied in private, and see if you can talk him/her into reporting it to the Labor board of your state, if you're in the US. If Management knows and refuses to do something, it's a hostile work environment and they can absolutely be fined/sued for that.

Blue Ginger
02-28-2019, 07:16 AM
Keep documenting. Dates, times and witnesses.

Definitely talk to the person or persons she is going after. If they view it as bullying and creating a hostile work environment, call your labour board. Get advice from them on how to proceed. They may say you need to attempt to go to the bosses again or they may take it on for you.

Your bosses are morons for not dealing with this person. (I have other words, but they may be too strong for even this forum.)

02-28-2019, 07:39 AM
Documentation. It hasn't really been emphasized enough in this thread yet. Seriously. Dates, times, events, DETAILS goddamnit.

This is a toxic work environment for EVERY freakin BODY, not just the targeted victim. You don't even need a shyster lawyer to make that argument. Even if the target doesn't want to put forth a complaint, if enough of the rest holler loud enough, WITH the damned documentation in hand, something is gonna happen. HR, labor board, lawyers. Make it expensive for the company if need be. (losing money will make the highest tiers notice a problem right quick)

No, it's not going to be sunshine and rainbows during or after, but does anyone want to continue with this shit? (other than the effing bully, that is) It's not going to get better on its own unless you're waiting for the bully to die of old age or some crap.
If the people who are supposed to handle it will not, then go over their heads until you find someone who will do their job.

02-28-2019, 09:10 AM
As I don't know where you live, I don't know what resources are available to you. If you have a labor board, you can take it to them. Otherwise, it is law suit time. They have created a "hostile work environment ". "Refusing to take additional complaints" seals the deal.

02-28-2019, 07:48 PM
Update: The bully has overplayed her hand. She showed violent behavior at work today, and wrote a nasty letter to our director. The higher ups have now asked me to keep detailed notes about her behavior going forward and report every day there is an incident. It makes me a little uncomfortable :blink:, but if it helps the documentation process, I can swallow my pride a little.

I canít wait to see what happens next. :popcorn:

03-01-2019, 02:57 AM
Sounds like they are building a case to fire her. I know it's not fun, but you, and your coworkers need this.

03-01-2019, 06:10 AM
She wrote a MFing LETTER? That's not asking for it, nor is it even begging for it. This is straight up, walk up, slap someone and DEMAND it.

Well, if she's going to be that way about it... why not oblige her.

03-01-2019, 08:28 AM
No doubt because management has spinelessly refused to deal with the situation so far, she believes she is bullet-proof and can do whatever she likes. With any luck at all, she will find out very differently in the not-too-distant future.