View Full Version : SNAFU ... even more than usual (kinda long)

03-22-2019, 03:00 AM
Today was quite the shitshow at work. I'm posting in this thread because there is no single person or level of workership (??) responsible.

1) I drive in and park and think, "Wow, lots of cars; maybe we're busy!" But once I get to my register, I'm not seeing the number of people I expected, given the number of cars. I comment about this to a coworker.

"Oh," says CW, "those are all staff cars."

Me: :confused:

CW: "Upper UPPER management is here."

Me: "Ah. So we don't want them to see what it's REALLY like here."

CW: :lol:

2) Despite all the "extra" staff, we still seemed to have a noticeable shortage of cashiers. Among other things, CW1 calls in sick for the second day in a row. CW1 was scheduled to work in The Dead Zone, once the daily opener in that area went home (mid-afternoon). Hmm ... what to do ...

CW2 comes in around 3 p.m. and gets sent back to TDZ. She is finished at 8 p.m. I am finished at 7 p.m. Who's going to be in The Dead Zone after that (store closes at 10 p.m.)? Don't know, don't care. I'm asked to stay until 9 and politely decline. Head Cashier asks CW3, who (possibly to his dismay, LOL) dropped in to do some work for a couple of hours if he's willing to come back at 5 and do some cashiering. He's not experienced but is willing to learn. He agrees; he will come back in at 5 p.m. and work on the registers until closing at 10 p.m. He cannot, however, go to The Dead Zone because he is indeed very very new to the registers and there's nobody there after 4 or 5 p.m. to answer any questions he might have or give him any help at all.

3) We finally figure out that CW4 is coming in at 6:30 pm. and is slated to work in TDZ until close. *phew*

4) So until CW3 and CW4 come in, I am the sole cashier at the front of the store, and CW2 is back in TDZ. I am on self-checkout. At one point there is a small lineup developing: I am working on the 'real' register with one customer and both self-checkouts are busy. The couple at one self-checkout is having a problem; they go over to the Customer Service to see if they can do their checkout there. Despite there being no reason to refuse them, the idiot they talk to says "Oh, she can ring you out" and points to me. I have, as I said, one customer already at my register (IIRC we had a question about pricing, so of course there was a hangup right there) and at least one person behind that customer. Couple gets fairly pissed off and leaves, sans purchases. Yeah, we're all about customer service!

5) Due to having to shuffle staff around because of breaks and lunches and whatnot, I end up back in TDZ very late in my shift (around 6 p.m., I believe). I will be there until CW4 shows up to take over.

6:30 arrives. No CW4. Well, he's usually a couple of minutes late.



6:45. Head Cashier comes back to bring me some $20 bills and I ask where's CW4. She was unaware he was supposed to be in but says she'll check on it and get back to me. (The Head Cashiers also work in shifts, of course, and this one had not been present at 3).)



7:00. Obviously something is quite, quite wrong here. I ring out a few more customers and it's nearly 7:10 when I call Head Cashier's phone. No answer, but CW2 comes back a few minutes later to relieve me.

"Lunch?" she says.

"Nope," I say. "I'm DONE."

CW2: :jawdrop:

Me: "You're done at 8, right?" She says yes. "Don't let them talk you into staying longer." She says she won't as she can't stand for that long anyway, adding "But who's going to be back here??" I tell her it's neither my problem nor hers.

Come to find out that Head Cashier had called CW4 and (presumably) left a message. This is a good 15 minutes after he was supposed to start. Some 10 minutes or so after THAT, he calls in and, oh goodness, isn't coming in because "I'm sick."

UPDATE: TURNS OUT THAT CW4 WAS NOT AT FAULT HERE. (http://www.customerssuck.com/board/showthread.php?p=1378259#post1378259)