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05-29-2007, 09:04 PM
This is a short one but I love having a customer with a sense of humor. It makes my day when I can joke around with a customer.

Yesterday evening:

CG: cool guy
GF: his girlfriend
Me: uh...me

Me: Hi how are you today?
CG: Good. How are you?
Me: I'm good
GF: Don't lie...you know you would rather be at home (lol)
Me: Yeah but I don't get paid to sit at home...so what can I get for ya?
CG: I want a ......
Me: (waving hand infront of me) You do not want taco bell....
CG: I don't want taco bell?
GF: Hey no fair you can't use the jedi mind trick on us...well maybe him but not me. :lol:
CG: ???
GF: It's ok hunny it only works on the weak minded
CG: ?.....Hey wait a min did you just call me weak minded? :yes:
So we all laugh about it for a sec then they place their order
I tell them their total and he starts pulling out his credit card then stops and says..
CG: You don't need my credit card....
Me: Yeah nice try but I've already been brainwashed by the suits here....credit card please.:p

It was nice to have customers that you can have fun with. Ones that can take a joke.

Do you guys have any fun stories of customers?

06-01-2007, 07:59 PM
In the fast food drive-thru:

As customer approaches money window and gets money together:

Me: Hey..how are ya?
Woman: Good...yourself?
Me: Good, thanks.
Woman: *while rummaging for change* Sorry..normally I'm more prepared for this.
Me: Eh..not to worry. I have people that spend between 3 to 5 minutes at this window.
Woman: :eek: Are you kidding? That would drive me to drink!
Me: Already there, hun. Already there.


I had a regular...she was I'd say 25 or so..very attractive woman.

She pulls up to the window and takes out a WAD of $1 bills.

Me: Wow! Look at all those singles! There's only one job i know of that earns you those many $1's!
Her: :roll:

She was a regular so I felt comfortable saying it...wouldn't have DARED had she been someone I didn't recognize :D


For the record, I'm 6' 4" and pretty monstrous.

A group of senior citizens (all about 70 or so years old) pulls to the window.

Me: Hey ya'll! Total will be "x.xx"
Driver: Say, did she (referring to the order taker) put on our senior discount?"
Me: :eek: Senior discount?? I only give those to ACTUAL senior citizens!
Them: :lol:. Back in the '50's now, aren't we?

At the end of the transaction,

Driver: Wow..you're pretty tall. Do you play basketball?
Me: Nah..not much of an athletic guy.
Driver: Well your response should be, "No...do YOU play miniature golf?!"
Me: :roll:


At the front counter, a kid comes up with an empty Burger King cup, asking for a refill. This was Wendy's.

Me: Burger King is across the street. They'll probably give you a refill over there.
Him: Ahh..but i'm here. Can't you just fill this up?
Me: No...this isn't Burger King.

After the kid realized I wouldn't budge and left, the guy behind him comes up to the counter:

Cust: I'd like a #5 with a chili and a coke, for here. And if you wouldn't mind, my method of payment today will be Monopoly money.
Me: :roll:

06-03-2007, 07:32 AM
Two gems from the movie theatre:

Some jerkwad had just finished yelling about something. Salty popcorn.

SC: I will never come here again
Me: *thinking* wow that guy was a dick
Customer behind SC: wow that guy was a dick
Me: Did I say that out loud?
Customer behind SC: No, that was me :roll:
Me: :roll: Didn't sound like my voice

And the other, I thought this was going to be BAD but the guy was cool as hell. An older gentlemen was walking through the lobby and he tripped over his own feet and did a complete faceplant right on the lobby floor. I come running over

Me: Are you ok sir?
Gentlemen: Son, I was shot in WWII. I assure you I am fine.
Me, Gentlemen, Gentlemen's Wife: :roll:

06-08-2007, 03:40 AM
Gentlemen: Son, I was shot in WWII. I assure you I am fine.

He definitely had a slow reaction to being shot! :lol:


06-08-2007, 07:21 PM
ROFLMAO, good one!

07-22-2007, 05:04 AM
I had an elderly gentleman buy some alcohol while Im running the U-Scan today (since state law does not allow alcohol to be sold on Sunday, we sell a crapload of booze on Saturdays), comes over to me and asks me if a draft card signed by President Lincoln would work for ID.:lol:

I know we all hate the corny it must be free jokes alot of guests like to make, but I gotta to give him props. That was a pretty good one.:lol: