View Full Version : I got a note!

06-07-2007, 04:48 PM
I work for a department at the university I attend that fixes software problems with computers. We know which customers are going to be difficult and which ones will be nice, so I was well prepared going into this one...

This lady abhors change. To the point that she freaks out when you tell her to change something. Sometimes, (ok, usually) she causes the problems with the computer herself, but when you show her how to change it back, she calms down. So I get a call that something is wrong with her email, and off I go to try and fix it. She was pretty angry when I got there, and all she needed to do to solve the problem was to click the X button above the one she was clicking now. She tried to resist saying that she had done it that way for years, and I finally convinced her to change her routine to solve her problem. I then stayed with her, helped her with a few other problems, and got her to calm down. This is normally a really nice lady, but she just gets too frustrated with change. While I'm helping her, I look over at the other lady that works in the office, and she's giving me a big thumbs up and smile. :D Then I finish up, head out to take care of someone else's email problem, and as I make my way back to the office, I see the thumbs up and smile lady leaving my office. She tells me that she left a note for me in the office, so in I go. It's a post-it that says, "You are wonderful!(her name)"

Ooh, I'm all warm and fuzzy inside :D I still have the note sitting next to my computer.