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07-31-2006, 07:05 AM
Thanks to the man who walked down every aisle of our 10,000 sq ft store and spit sunflower seed shells all over the place thus requiring me to vacuum tonight.

Thanks to the coworker who called in last night which affectively put me on a 12 hour shift.

Thanks to the neighbor's dang dog who barked all night so I couldn't sleep after my 12 hour shift.

Thanks to the coworker who 'called in' this morning thus requiring me to come in early.

Thanks to the store that closed down and transfered 60 boxes of movies to us that need to be received, tagged, cover art converted and put away by Wednesday when the boss goes on vacation.

Thanks to the sudden interest in 100% dress code that required I get new, all white shoes that aren't broken in yet.

Thanks to every person today that reminded me that I have a zit on my chin.