View Full Version : I can make you be nice. =o

07-31-2006, 01:57 PM
Not actually sure were this could go, but I'll put it here for now.

This woman came in with her daughter, looking for a birthday gift for her daughters friend. They found this lil pink bag with a monkey on it, with some cosmetics in it. Someone had already opened it and gone in the moisturiser, so naturally this woman didn't want it. She was getting huffy saying that we shouldn't allow people to do that, which is understandable. "I'm sorry. Perhaps it happened during the week? I only work Sundays. Although I can see if the warehouse has any, then we can order one in for you."

Her face lit up. "You can?"

"Sure! I'll just scan it through."

Scan scan button press.

"Okay. The warehouse has 982 of them. I'll order one in for you then? It'll be here in 4-5 days."

"Oh, thats great! A few days before her birthday...thats brilliant! Thank you so much!"

Yeeeaahh. Thats nice. XD