View Full Version : To the ones who care: Thank you!

06-21-2007, 06:03 AM
The store regulars, the ones who recognize us even if we don't recognize them, are actually a pretty sweet bunch. Two recent ones really stand out to me.

It can get quite cluttered behind the service desk if we get a long stream of customers with no breaks to straighten up. One day, I had new shoes I wasn't used to on, and managed to turn my ankle while putting an item away. At LEAST four customers saw me catch myself against the wall, stand very still for a few moments, and limp back to the desk. They all clamored to make sure I was okay--and one of them, when she came back a few days later, was thoughtful enough to ask how I was doing.

Another time, this sweet old lady was returning a pair of goggles that didn't fit her grandson. I managed to catch my hand on one of the staples on the cheap packaging and tore a short gash in my hand. She immediately dug a wipe and bandaid out of her purse and wouldn't stop fussing until I'd cleaned and bandaged myself.

Neither of them will likely ever read this board, but still...thank you, both of you. You have no idea how much little things like can wash away the stress of a long day there.

06-27-2007, 01:32 AM
I used to work as a grocery store bagger, and sometimes I'd have to take the shopping carts in for up to an hour at a time. One summer day, I helped a customer out and she gave me a tip. Now, we weren't allowed to take tips, but she insisted, and said in a playfully firm voice,
"Buy yourself a Coke! You've earned it!"

Sniff. Isn't it nice when customers care?