View Full Version : Politness isn't dead quite yet

06-27-2007, 02:02 AM
There's a very large Jewish population in my area, and many of them follow older traditions of dress and what place men and women have in society.

Last Friday, I was on register because we had long lines there and none at customer service, and I had a very lost-looking guy in his early 20s with two baskets OVERFLOWING with every type of bathroom decor we carry. Wire shelving, towels, soap dishes, you name it, he had it in the carts. The guy's expression just screamed something between "help me" and "how did I get into this?". Before I even started ringing him up, he was apologizing because he knew the order was going to be long and difficult. From what I gathered while I was ringing him up, he was buying over $800 worth of stuff to decorate his fiance's new apartment.

He was very polite about it, helped me by directing shoppers to other lines, tried to help me bag (until I firmly told him to just let me do it, because there just wasn't room for that), and even insisted on having me pause the transaction and take a father with two fussy girls and only three items so they wouldn't have to wait. He was still apologizing for causing me trouble and thanking me as he left.

Well, today he was back, returning the sets she didn't like and getting the remaining parts of the sets she did. He apologized to the girl who did the return for the full cart's worth of returns he did, and when he saw me, he came over to thank me again for helping him with the order.

I really wish more of my customers were like him. We really do appreciate being thanked for our work.