View Full Version : Photofinishing: Getting it just right

07-02-2007, 04:47 AM
Hi all,

I work at a camera and photofinishing store in central MN. The following are some nice tales of my year of work there (year as of two weeks ago):

We have a couple customers who are very pick about colors. The balance between cyan, magenta, yellow, and "k" or density must be just right. These people are few and far between since we don't have many professional photographers in the area.

One of our customers came in once or twice a week for reprints, would ask for our schedule (the manage obliged, we trusted her) and only came in when the manager, I, or my coworker - a combination of 30+ years of photo experience .. and I'm 21.

She sold the prints at a local art fair and I have to say, she was a great photographer. Between outdoors and children's portraits (with the rabbits from her bunny farm) she had a great eye for light.

She often brought lunch/dinner for us from a local restaurant as we perfected her photos on the computers.

One day my coworker, who had given her two week's notice after six years of working there, told the customer she her last day was coming up.

They both cried, hugged, and exchanged phone numbers.

It was cool, but a little sad.