View Full Version : I still can't believe they told me

07-11-2007, 07:12 PM
Yesterday, my shift leader came to me and asked if I drove today. When I answered yes, she asked if it was the black Honda. (She knows my car, because she helped me check it out one night when I accidentally drove up onto a high curb and was afraid that I had damaged the underside.) When I answer yes again, she tells me that a couple had just dented it and to please finish my order quickly and then go out and talk to them. :(

I finish my order, go back to get my keys in case I need to open it or drive it and am just utterly glum because a) This is my first dent on this car and it's not my fault, b) this is my third car to be damaged by someone who was not me, and c) even though they told the shift leader about it, I was sure they were going to try to convince me it was no big deal and be of no help.

I get half way to the door when they see me and guess by my keys who I am, and immediately start going on about how it's just a bumper dent, but I'm going to need a mechanic to pop it out. (A foreign idea to me, as my family never gets cosmetic damage fixed.) But I remember my mom's bad experience with "just a bumper dent" turning out to be more and become even more glum.

I get outside and am floored. Yes, the damage was only on my bumper, but the dent was almost as big as my head! :eek: They keep rambling on, ask me my name, tell me theirs, ramble on some more. When I finally realize what I'm supposed to do, I turn around to ask about their insurance, but before I do, he gives me his business car (theirs actually).

Because I don't have as much sense as I should, I accept this as good enough, and thank them for being responsible. The issue hasn't been completely resolved yet (my parents think they gave me their card because they don't want insurance to know and will pay for it themselves as they seem to own a business), but they were very insistent that they pay for it, so I don't suppose you'd go through all that trouble and then screw me over, right? :confused:

Anyway, I go inside, and say to my shift leader "Wow, they were SO nice!" And she nods and says, "If I'd dented your car, I wouldn't tell you." :rolleyes: