View Full Version : Excuse me sir, you left a 500% tip.

07-14-2007, 03:19 PM
Today when I walked into work the opener was already handling a pair of middle aged ladies before a middle aged man walked in. He ordered a beer and a dish. The two ladies began talking to him about the dish and asked how he liked it. I didn't hear the conversation but the lunchtime bartender walked by to which this conversation sparked.

Lady1: Are you the manager?
Coworker: No...
Lady1: well you couldnt do much then...
Coworker: Maybe, but what can I help you with?
Lady1: We ordered what he's having but we want it medium rare. Make one for him too, because its to well done. He doesn't like it.
Man: No, no I'm fine.
Lady1: [looks over at man who continues eating]well, we want it not overcooked.

Meanwhile I'm standing there and punch in the order for her. The lunchtime 'tender informs the manager who comps the man's dish. He later asks for the check and tells me as I'm making a drink for the service bar that it wasn't necessary to comp it and hands me the billfold telling me to keep the change. I open it and find a $20 bill for his $3.77 tab. I try to rush to the terminal and hand him his change but he bolts out. The two ladies comment how nice it was, and later give us trouble when we won't allow them to stack drinks and offer to take away their empty glasses. Five hours later we have to cut them off because they began kissing and cuddling in a drunken stupor after closing out their tab 3 times..