View Full Version : The Verifone people... you rock!

07-27-2007, 07:24 PM
I just got of the phone with a nice lady named Dorothy from Verifone tech support. One of our machines was tanking every time we tried to run a transaction. Physically unplugging and replugging the power cord didn't help, and it would also crash when asked to batch or settle. Dorothy lead me through the process quite patiently, fully accepting of my ignorance regarding the inner programming processes of the machine! Dorothy, you're beautiful. Keep up the good work!

07-27-2007, 09:27 PM
My Mom works for Verifone but she's not Dorothy. ;)

She comes home with stories of her SC's which, sadly, are the people who work behind the counters. It's scary really...

I'm sure that Dorothy was thrilled to get to talk to someone nice for once. :D

08-11-2007, 07:14 PM
Yeah, Verifone people are pretty cool. Only problem is for some reason I can never hear them, I have to keep saying "dude...I can't hear you. Can you please like...speak up, or just put your mic closer to your mouth or something?"

Not like those godforsaken sewerrats that work for this "IBM Helpdesk" in Canada that I have to call all the time...

Every single time I call up with a problem...its like "Yeah, my computer won't end the day, can you fix that?"

"Uhhh....let me look...<logs in to my register> uh....yeah...I need to send this to Second Level."

"No you don't. All you have to go is go into the system registry and manually end the day there."


"Sherry told me yesterday that you all know how to do this, and its very simple. You log in to my register, get into the system registry, change the day from there so the computer understands it's wednesday now."

"uhhhhh...I'm gonna have to send thi-

"No you do not have to send this to second level! You can do it! I've spoken with everyone else at helpdesk, they all know how to do it, if you don't know how, then get one of them to do it."

"Uhhhhh...yeah...I'll send this to second level and call you back. Your ticket number is ABC123."

call later...get a different operator. "Yeah can you give me a status update on Ticket Number ABC123?"

"Uhhh...huh? I don't have a ticket number ABC123 on here."

I swear to god, "Second Level" must be french for "Trash can".