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08-16-2007, 07:54 AM
I have a regular who comes in almost every night on my shift. Tonight she came in and I was just hanging out in the parlor (I work at an ice cream store/convenient store/gas station.) off the clock and out of uniform. I brought my tarot cards because one of my co-workers wanted a reading. She saw my cards and pointed out how awesome they were. I invited her to come sit with me and I'd give her a reading. I put her milk and her beer in our ice cream fridge so they would stay cold. She's awesome, so I don't mind doing a bit of extra work for her.

I talked with her for about an hour about tarot cards, spirits, and that whole subject. We had a lot in common and she told me about a local event that happens in my area every October. I gave her my email address and phone number because she said she would give me the information. I told her I was heading back to college soon and she was upset because she liked coming into the store to talk to me and the rest of my workers. It was flattering, really. :)

She said she was going to come in tomorrow and give me something. Now I'm curious as to what it might be.

I gave her one of my rocks that I collect because she said she liked them. It was an orange calcite, which I pulled out of my purse to show her. She was very interested in it and thought it was pretty, so I told her she could have it.

If there are any customers that are the opposite of suck, it's her.

08-29-2007, 06:43 AM
Ever gonna tell us what she brought you? :P