View Full Version : Not So Rude After All

08-07-2006, 06:21 AM
So a few days ago, I'm opening for a coworker for what feels like the eight hundreth time that week. I know that's not possible, so let's just say that I covered - and continue to cover - for this woman a whole lot.

So I'm opening, I literally just got out of bed (my manager's phone call woke me up). For some reason, there were four or five people in line, and this guy refuses to show me his membership card. He says that my coworkers know him and he doesn't understand why I don't. Remember, I'm covering a shift...this guy may be a regular, but he's not one of my regulars, dig?

Anyway, he gets frustrated with me when I tell him he has late fees. He puts (throws) down his movies and says "I'll come back when someone else is here, I don't need to deal with this." I help the next people and move on.

So today, the first person to grace my store with his radiant presence is...the same man. Bracing for the worst, I give him my biggest grin and say hello. He walks up to the counter and...

...wait for it...

...apologizes! I was taken aback, in all my (admittedly short) retail career, I've never had a customer apologize to me. I returned his apology, explaining that I had been covering a shift and had been awake for all of twenty minutes when he came in.

I had a big pile of unshelved returns from the previous night's shift, and 330 DVDs to pull, transfer, unsticker, resticker, and reshelve, but that one apology sure made my day a lot better. :D