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08-23-2007, 02:40 AM
So, a few work related tangents, all somewhat related.

I work in a call center. We had 3 "Leads" who were basically on the phone supervisors who could answer questions on difficult calls, and take escalated calls. A few weeks ago, one of our 2 supervisors took a new job, and the lead who literally knows everything took the supervisor job. So now we have 2 leads, one of whom (F) is super nice but not as knowledgable as A, who moved up, and K, who is, in my humble opinion, the nicest waste of space I've ever met. He rarely has the right answer to any question, and he never wants you to reference his name, so it doesn't come back that he gave you the wrong answer. :p

Of course, since A moved up and isn't on the phones anymore, I've had a rash of calls that no one seems to know what to do with, which always come in while K is on duty, so I have no help/backup. Which is a pain, but at the very least it gives me something different to do. I've had a number of calls lately that I end up spending an hour on the phone, calling around to different departments, only to find that no one knows what to do with them, so I have to create my best guess of case to track the issue, and keep pushing til they get resolved. And I feel bad, because it isn't that the person is trying to be sucky, but the call often is, because I just don't know what to do with it and have to do my best to make something up.

In addition, now that A has moved up, they're opening a req for someone to take his old position as a lead. Since I'm one of the agents that has been here the longest, and I often work the lead line when they're short handed, along with being the one who (after K jets at 5-ish) helps all the newer agents with EVERYTHING, I was immediately encouraged to go after the position, mostly by my fellow agents, which is a huge compliment/confidence boost. In addition, a few months back, A even told me that if a lead position ever opened up, I'd have his vote, since I'm "such a quick learner." While this is great, and I'm excited to meet with the sups about it, there are two issues.

The first is that the hours for the new lead would be either 3 12 hour days (Fri-Sun or Sat-Mon) or 4 10 hour days (Fri-Mon). I have season football tickets for MSU, and am supposed to be in MI for most of the weekends of the next 3 months, and don't want to give up football season. :(

The second is that I've also been looking into another job with the company, in a different division. I'm still in talks, because they're looking to move the division down to FL in a year or two, and I don't really want to move, or to take the job saying I'll move and then have to back out and/or find a new job. But the guy I'd be working for is basically my ideal boss (a great guy, really looks out for his employees, and believes strongly in ownership and personal responsibility) and a friend of my dad's.

So there you have it. Other than that, I've actually been quite happy at work lately--the guys I work with talked me into joining their Fantasy Football league, which should be an experience, and a good laugh. :o

Irving Patrick Freleigh
08-23-2007, 03:07 AM
Meh. Well good luck with whatever happens.

Oh, and good luck to the Spartans. Except on September 29 when they visit Camp Randall. Go Badgers!